Vinegar and Health

Vinegar's use as a medicine goes back to ancient times. Due to its antimicrobial properties, (it kills or retards the growth of microorganisms), it has been used as an antibiotic for the dressing of wounds as well as other uses. Throughout those years, vinegar has been suggested as a cure or ingredient in a cure for most human and many animal ailments. While many of those claims have withstood the test of time and scientific scrutiny, some have proved to be baseless, even ridiculous. One proponent of vinegar as a cure of yellow fever died of yellow fever.

It is not my intent to suggest using vinegar in place of seeking competent medical advice. However, renowned physicians have recommended vinegar for a wide variety of ailments for many centuries. Here are a few that are tried and true.
Ear infections
Killing harmful bacteria
Control of blood sugar
Box Jellyfish stings
Cervical cancer screening

There are also many claims that "need more research"